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Yoga for Educators

Check out this new workshop by the wonderful Kate at Baasch Body Works

Our “YOGA FOR EDUCATORS” workshops are designed especially for Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens. The program is designed with an understanding of the early years learning framework and is set out so Educators are capable of incorporating yoga/mindfulness into their weekly/fortnightly programming.

Our subjects directly relate to areas of NQS, quality area 2, element 2.1.1 and Quality area 5, element 5.1.1.

Providing early learning educators with knowledge and tools to support children’s well-being, confidence and independence.

About Kate
Qualified Early Learning Educator (10+ years)
Qualified Yoga Teacher
Qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher
Qualified Special Needs Yoga Teacher

For enquiries email or call/txt us on 0404 797 828
and keep an eye out for our up-coming website.

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