NDIS, Health & Community Sector Reform Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the system for provision of support for Australians with disability, their families and carers.

This significant National Reform is founded on the principles of citizenship, self determination and choice for service users.

These principles are reflected in current Reforms within the aged care sector under Consumer Directed Care (CDC), and across accomodation, health and welfare support activities.


Health & Community Solutions can provide you and your family with:

    • Help understanding and navigating the health and welfare system including the  NDIS and CDC initiatives
    • Pre-planning and transition support
    • Planning and support around complex behavior
    • Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder training and support
    • Specialist Support to coordinate your care (NDIS Support Coordination , CDC Case Management)

Support Coordination can include:
Service Navigation and Resourcing
Service Planning and Implementation
Referral, Establishment and Monitoring of supports
Connection with Mainstream and non funded Community Supports
Regular NDIS Plan Support Meetings and Reviews.

Specialist Support Coordination requires an intensive and specialised service response to manage and mitigate complexities of the individual participants stated needs and goals.

H&CS Support Coordinators have high level expertise and extensive experience in Psychosocial Disability, ASD, Clinical Care Requirements & training responses, Housing, Criminal Justice interventions and complex presentations.


Health & Community Solutions can provide your business with:

  • NDIS/CDC establishment, development, evolution and navigation support
  • Strategic business analysis, visioning, positioning and projections planning
  • Policy and Procedures development and implementation
  • Complex Clinical Procedures development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Unit costing, scenarios and pricing
  • Defined Projects management and implementation
  • Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder training and supports
  • Workforce professional development, supervision, mentoring and compliance framework development.

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